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Magick (Happy New Year)

Magick (Happy New Year)

I’ve always believed in magick.

There’s a power of transformation and creation that happens when we combine interest, passion and intuition with skill, attention and awareness.

It creates thrill.

I imagine it’s like lighting off a phosphorescent flare in the blackness of space. I think it attracts that same glowing attention and energy from the universe because the results are often miraculous and inspiring to everyone involved.


The reaction between sulphur & zinc.

Magick is just the science we don’t understand yet.

This is what I believe magick to be.

Not “magic” - the slight of hand trickery and illusion, but a quantum level connection of vibration that connects individual soul to universal soul through the conduit of emotion.

Magick is created by feeling.

We can think as hard as we want, but we’ll never create anything magnificent - or transformative. We’ll never logic our way into a grand creative adventure. We *feel* magick.


The magick of creation is felt in our bodies as a vibration of excitement and energy. I like to call it “the thrill” because that’s what it feels like to me. It’s penetrating to the source. It’s piercing to the truth of our existence and the connection closes a circuit, allowing the ecstatic energy of creation to flow through our bodies and into the world.


Magick. “The thrill”.

My life has been an ongoing quest to follow “the thrill”. I sound like an adrenaline junkie, but it’s not that - it’s an adrenaline of truth; self-awareness and recognizing when we are following the guidance of Beloved Presence and when we are not. For me, recognizing that I am not on the path of thrill is happening quicker than ever and is easier to course correct. It’s about feeling the balance of my life and learning to recognize what that feels like when it’s happening.

It’s like learning to balance on a bike - before we can ride we need to learn what it feels like to be balanced on two wheels.

Before we have the experience of that balance, we don’t even really know what it is we’re trying to achieve.

Out of balance is very familiar - that’s all the other moments on a bike before we learn balance. However, once balance is achieved there is a connection to the feeling of being in balance as “different” and sustainable and reproducible.

Fabeku talks about this stuff all the time when he talks about “super power” and “the practice”. Super power is the special way that the thrill or ‘state of being in balance’ or ‘connection to source’ comes through you into physical life. It’s how the magick works for you. For me - it’s Beloved Presence; which is the name I decided to call my Higher Self when I was in my 20’s. Our higher self is the part of us that is always in contact with divinity. It’s the part of ourselves that exists forever in infinity at all times. It is our god self. Beloved Presence is exactly that - the presence of divinity in the world at all times. The knowing and feeling that we are never alone, that this life is filled with the presence of spiritual truth and that we are known and loved and never judged and never rejected from the source of all things.

“It’s okay. Everything is okay.” Is the mantra of Beloved Presence. “You’re okay. It’s okay. They’re okay. Everything is okay.” This is an ‘existential okay’. It is ALL OK, FOREVER. Non-judgemental acceptance. The loving, accepting presence of all things. At all times. For infinity.

I’ll take it.

The practice is harder, and it is the practice which is the actual act of making magick real.


The Thrill in Practice

Like most things, I understood super powers and the practice with only my mind first - which was inadequate to have anything actually work. Knowing with my mind is only one point of a trinity required for knowledge to live within me. First I know in my head. Then I know in my body and the two knowings together create knowing in my heart - feeling - which closes the trinity and creates the thrill.

Choosing to walk the creative path is choosing to become aware of all the ways in our lives that we have hindered our ability to connect to our thrill and express our thrill to the world. We were not raised with thrill-seeking or thrill-supporting parents. We do not live in a thrill-supporting society. Placing thrill at the centre, as the compass to our lives results in people cocking their eyebrows at us and wondering if we’ve been hitting the bong too hard that morning.

We are raised to be good workers and create profit for the economic elite.

Learning how to guide our lives based on thrill is the most important skill to learn in life and is actively devalued and discouraged. We are raised to be good workers and create profit for the economic elite. We are taught that only mental work and logic is truth and all other methods of evaluation through avenues of emotion and intuition are dismissed and scorned. We are not raised to be free thinkers in pursuit of transformative practices that allow us to become self-aware and discerning individuals on a path of self-fulfillment.

Our job on the path of thrill is to become aware and transform all the ways in our lives that we learned to ignore, repress and dismiss the thrill as a legitimate guide to health and happiness. Using our emotions as our guide, we are required to erase the bad tapes that play in our heads about the value of ourselves and the path we are pursuing. We need to connect to our bodies and listen to the messages of wisdom and truth that our bodies speak through the emotions that arise when we listen to our thoughts.

We are complex beings with layers of dirty fabric obscuring our source of magick. The magick is real. “It’s been inside of you all along.” Lol. But really, it has been, we just need to start tearing away everything that gets in the way of that balance.


I’m a writer.

I had a thrill last week that lasted for days… and just happened again as I thought about the memory. (That’s a wonderful/nightmare aspect of our brain/body/emotion connection - thoughts about memories are perceived in the same way as actual events happening; our brains can’t differentiate from memory or fantasy or actual event. Which means that we can make a choice to make more pathways to thrill memories than to shitty ones, just by being aware of what is playing in our head when we’re not paying attention. [Which means, I guess, that we need to become aware of what’s playing in our heads all the time.] We can even help create thrill and opportunity by imaging ourselves feeling thrilled at events that haven’t even happened yet. Creative visualization works best when we feel the emotions of the visualization at the same time.) Last week was the first time I realized, accepted and proclaimed for myself the title of ‘writer’. (There are people in my life who will read this, roll their eyes and sigh “finally”. You know who you are.)

Walking down an aisle at work it was an epiphany, “I’m a writer.” THRILL.

I am a Writer. THRILL


It just happened again. The lock in key release of energetic excitement that exists in the truth. There is truth to our identities and it took me until middle age to identify, accept and proclaim my truth. I’m a writer. *thrill*

That night I dreamed that I sat at the ‘writers table’. I don’t really know what that means and no one there seemed particularly interested in me or what I had to offer, which didn’t really bother me. In my dream I went back to hang out in a studio with a bunch of artists friends - being a writer didn’t mean that I suddenly stopped being everything else I was already.

As the arbitrariness of our Gregorian calendar turns to 2019, I hope you have time to become silent and quiet and reflect on who you are, what thrills you and how you can get more thrills into your life on a daily basis.

This year the greatest thing I learned was to remember how to stare out the window at nothing and be silent with the world.

Happy New Year!

From all of us here - Ella, Gary & Hissy, (Frankie was hiding).

2019 Goals

2019 Goals

We didn't die.

We didn't die.