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F*ck the Predator Class

F*ck the Predator Class

I’m angry all the time now.

I don’t even know where I’m going with this post - I just can’t go on being this angry all the time and not talk about it. I want to punch people in the face.

Mostly white men.

Rich white male politicians and corporate leaders. I’m just so angry about the systems that run the money and power in this world. It’s corrupt. All of it. It’s rotten to the core and I’m angry that the corruption is bubbling to the surface and is so obvious and most people seem to just be okay with it.

You can shove your righteous apathy right in your asshole. I'm sick of the smug superior responses from those who say

“Of COURSE the rich do this. They always have, they always will.”
— Self-Righteous Apathetic Windbags

You're the WORST. You can see the problem but choose to take your small bit of pleasure in looking down on those of us who would see the system changed. The greedy and corrupt lead in our society and it's a problem.

I want to punch and fight and scream and yell.

It’s WRONG. It’s all wrong and inequitable and distorted and for those that benefit and for those that enjoy their privilege without using it as a bridge to bring equality and abundance to others - you’re a fucking parasite.

Two books that I’ve read lately Winners Take All and A Generation of Sociopaths have opened exposed the ugly realities of the world in which we’re currently living. The short version is that the last 30 years has seen politics and corporations pass legislation to cut funding to public services and line their own pockets and deregulate controls and limits to their damaging business practices.

New technologies and networks have made businesses more productive and efficient and as a result made those businesses much more profitable. However, wages for workers have stagnated while shareholder and CEO bonuses skyrocket. Income inequality is the highest it’s ever been and those that are in a position to pay the most into public coffers pay nothing, effectively shifting the tax burden for social programs to the middle and lower class.


The Predator Class

Stop calling the monied and powerful the “elite”. They are not the best of us. They are the predator class that are hoarding wealth and buying lawmakers to make it even easier to continue doing so.


The political lobby system has been turned into a politician purchase machine where those with the most money get to decide the laws, effectively disenfranchising 99% of the population. It doesn’t matter who you vote for because the system itself is flawed.

First past the post and the electoral college are broken. When 36% of the population can elect a majority government that doesn’t reflect the will of the people, the system is broken.

I believe that government exists to serve all members of society, not just those with money and power. Government exists in a large part to PROTECT it’s citizens against interests that would want to see us turned into wage slaves or interests that would pollute and damage the environment because it hurts their bottom line to be regulated.

Government belongs to ALL THE PEOPLE, not just those with money and capital. I don’t want a revolution. I don’t want an armed revolt or guillotines. Revolutions most often end badly with held grudges and dead bodies. Then you’ve got a regime that gained it’s power by force.

NO THANKS. I vote for a system that is won through fair participation and equal representation.

Electoral Reform for the Win

Electoral reform is the most important issue of the day because it gives us the foundation to change the system itself so that government will reflect the wants of the people, not just the monied.

Get money out of politics.

Get government back to regulating safety and security and ensuring that everyone contributes their fair share to the system we have created. To a system that we all share. Stop using adversarial political systems and instead institute proportional representation where compromise and dialogue is required to move the system forward.

Where in adult life does anyone get to have a majority say and make all the decisions carte blanche without having to consider others in any way? Why should that model play out in our political systems?

Click here for more on electoral reform and prop rep.

Click here for more on electoral reform and prop rep.

I’m so fucking done with this shit.

I’m angry all the time because the most useless, stupid, backward, self-serving, egotistical, entitled garbage people are the ones changing the laws to allow more selfish and self-serving fuckery to occur to enrich themselves at the expense of regular people and the planet.

F*ck the Cheap Seats

F*ck the Cheap Seats