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Lezley's Rules for Writing

Lezley's Rules for Writing

I’ve given myself some rules around creative work to keep me from going off the rails on this new endeavour.

Some people are really good at knowing instinctively what they like and don’t like and what will work and not work and where they want to go. Unfortunately for me, I’m excited about all the new things and really enjoy learning and taking on a new challenge, so I’m often not the best to determine “No, that’s not really part of the plan. No that’s outside of the scope of what I’m focusing on these days. No, I think that won’t be very much fun after the newness wears off…”

So, I’ve made myself a set of Rules for Lezley’s Creative Life.

These are my rules. You can use them for you if they work, but I wrote them for me. So I wouldn’t forget.


Rules for Creative Lezley

  1. Follow thrill.

    Only do work that thrills me. Drop work, rewrite or redo work that doesn’t thrill. (We’ve talked about the thrill).

  2. Take time to just BE QUIET and stare out the window at nothing.

  3. Write first.

    Find submission options later.

    It’s too easy to get side-tracked by calls for submission, awards and theme contests. I spent several weekends taking down the information in the Writers Market book - but everything looks like it might be an option before I’ve written anything. The important part is the writing. Write the works that are in me to write and then find the publications that accept that kind of material. The writing always comes first.

  4. Write everyday.

    This takes a new kind of organization skill than what I’ve really delved into in the past. My writing spans both long-term larger writing projects that will take months, maybe years to complete and shorter blog pieces, short stories and other forms of writing that have varied length and time frames and deadlines.

    I’ve been looking at Trello again to manage these - or possibly my full year 4’ x 5’ wall calendar as a kanban. We’ll see. I’ll report back with what’s working.

  5. When in doubt refer to #1.

That’s it. It’s simple and should keep me focused and within a framework.

Remember thrill. That’s the whole point.
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