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2019 Goals

2019 Goals

December has always been the time of quiet reflection and going inside to ruminate on the year. I used to do a “Harvest” where I went through all my sales and social media numbers for the previous year. That doesn’t seem useful this year as I’m stepping out into a new business model.

I am still keen on making plans and goals, so here they are.


The Year in Point Form

Stephanie Graham sent out a holiday wrap up and shared her habit of keeping a point form list of notable events both good and bad that happen in her year. I think this is a super idea since we rarely remember everything that happens and we tend to minimize our accomplishments - especially as the months move on.

I’m doing gratitude this year.

Daily gratitude notes. In my journal, easy peasy lemon-squeezy; 3 ‘whatevers’ that I’m grateful for, how they made me feel and why I’m grateful. Every day. We’ll see how well I keep this up. I think this is a really important activity though. I believe that feeling grateful is the most powerful emotion we can experience and cultivating it - making stronger pathways to recognizing gratitude and feeling grateful are transformative.



Seduced by a checklist…


The Plan to Promote

In 2019 I want to establish myself as a writer and begin to build my reputation for writing. To do this I need to write things that will be read. Win awards, get published and get paid for writing.

I will only write on topics that thrill me:

  • Earth worship

  • Communication with Earth: plants and animals (all earth)

  • Feminism and Women’s Rights: specifically the dialogue about women and “feminine” traits in science. Patriarchy and unconscious bias in science against women.

  • The politics of equality

  • Magick, Self-Awareness and following Thrill.

There’s a process for promoting this work that I can see with my naive little eyeballs as:

  1. Write and spread writing and get known for writing.

  2. Get paid. Win Awards.

  3. Get an agent.

  4. Get published.

  5. Repeat 2 + 4 for the rest of career.

The first platform I’m going to pitch is Cracked. They have a very transparent pitch process and pay actual money for articles so it will give me experience pitching and working with editors. I’m not sure how funny I am - I’m pretty funny in conversation, but I’m not sure how well that comes across in my writing - so that will be a challenge as well. That can’t be a bad thing.

There are 3 short stories that are in the process of being written that I plan on submitting to the CBC literary prize. Once again, I don’t really expect to happen - the act of submitting and being part of the process is a great beginning.


The Plan to Prioritize

To determine priority I’ve decided the writing priority will be based upon:

  1. Paid / Award / Published

  2. Deadline

I will miss a deadline for a blog post in favour of a piece that is due later but for which I’m being paid (or the possibility of paid). Which means the Patreon feed becomes more of a priority as it grows (from the one supporter I have - LOL! It’s more than I had last month!). Writing is my priority going forward, so everything else - video, podcast, social media updates; all of that is secondary to the act of writing. All of that exists to promote the writing and the sharing of ideas.


The Social Media Plan

I have a writing plan for Instagram as well as a way to promote myself as a writer. I’ve been collecting thoughts on the daily for months and have a big stack of them stored digitally. I’m going to pull them out and clean them up and send them out into social media and we’ll see how that works out. I’ve done a smattering of them in the past and they’ve turned up as my top nine.


Top Nine 2018

Though there I go again, determining direction based on social media feedback. It’s the devil’s candy I tell yah!


What are your plans for your creative year? Are you focused on creation or promotion? What is the thing you’re most excited about in 2019?

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