One Hour Tarot Reading

These are my Tarot of the Cat People cards. I’ve been using the same deck for over 25 years and they’re worn and worked in and magic as f*ck.

These are my Tarot of the Cat People cards. I’ve been using the same deck for over 25 years and they’re worn and worked in and magic as f*ck.

Sometimes we all need direction.

Sometimes we all need a little guidance and information about just wtf is going on in our lives.
Tarot can help.

I’ve been reading Tarot (and helped make an app) since 1993 and I pull it out on the regular to help me get clear on all kinds of things that are currently fuzzy in my life… career, relationships, self-awareness.

I like to know if I’m missing something about a situation, or a person or a plan. I like to know if the cards confirm what I already think and feel or if they’re going to show me some aspect that I’ve been missing – or, more likely, not willing to see.

This reading was beyond my wildest dreams...
Would I book her again??? Absolutely!!!
— Paula Jones

Seeing what’s hidden

The most valuable aspect of Tarot to me is the ability to see myself and my life from a different angle. It’s sitting on the table in the cards and I can have a moment of detachment to see what it is that I’ve been missing.

So often we are what’s getting in the way of our own progress and success. It can be hugely beneficial to have the cards tell us to get our heads out of our assholes, or focus for fuck’s sake, or stop trying to get with someone who doesn’t really want us anyway.

The cards are often the bearers of hard truths, if we’re willing to hear. They won’t necessarily give us what we want – they will always give us what we need.

One Hour Reading

The one hour option tends to be the most useful for those that are looking for a more in-depth and full reading.

You can ask as many questions as we can cover in an hour. You can ask yes/no questions to gain clarity and then investigate further down a pathway.

I am fond of the celtic cross configuration (although I tweak it a bit to make it my own). I use the top and bottom cards as “guidance” and “what’s hidden” which often tend to be the most revealing cards to the questioner.

We don’t know what’s hidden in our situation, but often when it’s spelled out by the cards, it becomes obvious to the questioner and can put a lot of the questions and doubts about a situation into perspective.

The hour gives us plenty of time to hone in on the answers and determine a direction forward and understanding of self to take with us.


How it all works

Click the button below and pay for the booking through Paypal. You’ll be re-directed to the Acuity Booking and Tarot Question page which you will complete and submit so that we can schedule our online meeting.

We will meet on Skype video chat at our appointed time and we can begin our session.

I will record audio and video of the session and email you the files within a day or two of our booking. During the session I’ll be emailing pictures of the cards as they are pulled.

I’ll start with WOW...

I first booked a yes or no pay what you desire...I received a clear cut NO, which I had been getting, utilizing my own intuition....however, I needed clarification, and so I booked a whole reading.

This reading was beyond my wildest dreams... Lezley and I both had chills that wouldn’t stop during my reading...and at one point....the feeling of complete and utter love was so present, that it made us teary...

Would I book her again??? Absolutely!!!
— ~ Paula Jones

Major Arcana cards created for Tarot : In the Cards

LEzley - that was fabulous!
— Ashley

Sample Gallery



“What will result if I tell my child about the new person in my love life?”

My Tarot reading with Lezley was extremely insightful and accurate. Lezley’s interpretation of the Tarot brought tears to my eyes and lifted a cloud of apprehension from my mind. It was an amazingly satisfying experience.
~ Julie



"What will occur if/when I move to Queensland?"

Oh Lezley, who could want anything else but a reading like that? Thank you very much! My mom listened to it with me and said that you got who I am.

I am, in fact, moving to Queensland partly as a change and reprieve with time alone, and partly to pursue goals. I also want to eventually see if my art could sell…even if that’s not mainly why I do it. I so enjoyed your reading and just listening to you!

Thank you.
~ Cat

You mirrored back to me without too much prompting what I have been thinking and needed to focus more upon.
— Ashley