Hi, I’m Lezley & I like to tell stories about what it means to be alive.

I’ve been down a lot of paths following my passions and truth, trying to find a place that feels like home.

I’ve been an artist and a coach, a writer and a podcaster, a youtuber, a teacher and a psychic tarot reader. I’ve worn all these hats but none of them alone is sufficient to satisfy me - maybe I’m just greedy for life. Maybe that’s okay.

Recently I’ve found the activity that most resonates with me as a life purpose.

Speaking as the Earth on behalf of itself.
— Stephen Harrod Buhner

LezleyDavidson.com is where I've left the hobbies that I will do when I feel like it, as the spirit moves me.

Here is where I do the hard work that scares me. The emotional work that I fear will lead to grief. The work of being vulnerable and sharing what’s most interesting and important to me - the work of growth and healing.

These are my stories of Earth and Women and Truth and Gratitude. These are the stories of my life.

These are the stories of what is god and who are we and why are we here?

These are my Divine Reminders from Beloved Presence.

I’m not sure if anyone wants or is ready for this - but our sacred job as creatives is to do that work that calls us, everything else is just marketing.

Sit down. Get comfy - I’d like to tell you a story.